XWiki at FOSDEM 2022

17 Feb 2022 5 min read

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The XWiki Team

As is tradition, 2022's events season started with our participation at FOSDEM 2022, the biggest free Open Source event in Europe, where communities can meet, share ideas and collaborate. Once again, this year's event was 100% online, powered by an exquisite infrastructure of websites, chats, and widgets. We all know it doesn't come close to the live event, but it was a good reflection of it thanks to the impressive organization from the FOSDEM team. Our team organized the "Collaborative Information and Content Management Applications" devroom, and participated with presentations, tackling different hot subjects from new features, improvements, and alternative tools and services to proprietary ones.

David Benqué, UX/UI Designer

In this talk I will summarize our work on INTEROFFICE and how it allows for CryptPad to be vastly more inter-operable while preserving end-to-end encryption.

Ludovic Dubost, CEO and Anca Luca, Client Services CTO

In this talk, we will present XWiki's journey to provide the best FOSS alternative to proprietary knowledge management tools, based on both current features and future roadmap, while showcasing XWiki's approach for collaboration on text and structured data.

Oniro - an open-source starter for fast-paced IoT environments

Tracim, the helping hand for all your collaboration needs

Nextcloud in 2021: Overview of 3 releases and a bit under a million features

Introducing ONLYOFFICE: Forms for paperwork automation and smart collaboration

How to overcome development challenges when building a self-hosted collaboration platform

Deploying Containerised Open-Source CSP platforms

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