XWiki at FOSDEM 2021

24 Feb 2021 5 min read

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The XWiki Team

2021's events season started with our participation at FOSDEM 2021, the biggest free Open Source event in Europe, where communities can meet, share ideas and collaborate. This year's event was 100% online, powered by an exquisite infrastructure of websites, chats, and widgets. It doesn't come close to the live event, but it was a good reflection of it. Our team organized the "Collaborative Information and Content Management Applications" devroom, participated with presentations in different tracks, tackling different hot subjects from new features, compatibility, and alternatives other tools and services, remote working tips, and designing an Open Source tool. 

David Benqué, UX/UI Designer

One year ago I joined the team as a designer. In this talk I will present some of what has been achieved and reflect on the challenges ahead.

Clément Aubin, Account Manager

My most treasured memory from FOSDEM was the Collaborative Information and Content Management Applications devroom that had a great turnout and many interesting discussions around the talks. Enjoy their videos below:

Designing a human-centric next generation internet

From 0 to public website in 20 minutes with XWiki

Collabora Online for your documents

Blurring the Lines: Tiki 'No-Code/Low-Code' Empowers

Lessons learned while collaborating remotely in a global pandemic

Nextcloud Hub - 20 20 20

ONLYOFFICE: How to provide ultimate security for real-time document collaboration

Migrating to an Open Source Wiki

SemApps: A (Linked-)Data Management System based on SOLID and the semantic web

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