Events we've attended from January to March

29 Mar 2024 5 min read

This year's first quarter is over (when did time fly, by the way?) and we're happy to share with you the events we've attended these last three months. As you will see, the beginning of the year was quite packed with conferences and open-source gatherings, some already tradition for us to attend, other rather new. Our teams were eager to represent XWiki and CryptPad and to answer questions about our products and our company. 

🤝 Univention Summit

The even takes place every year in Bremen, Germany, and it gathers software manufacturers, IT service providers and users during two days to discuss and network around trends and challenges for digital sovereignty and open source. For this edition, Clément, Ludovic, and Jean-Sébastian represented XWiki and shared a booth with our partners from OpenProject, advocating for digital sovereignty, open-source, knowledge management, and end-to-end encrypted collaborative solutions.

As a token of collaboration in action, they showcased openDesk, the collaborative suite made of 100% open-source products, a digital sovereign initiative that is an alternative to Google Workplace and Microsoft 365.

univention (1).webp
Niels and Birthe from OpenProject, Ludovic and Clément from XWiki


Each year, we look forward to attending the biggest free open-source event in Europe, where communities can meet, share ideas and collaborate. Our team organized the “Collaboration and Content Management” devroom, and also participated with a presentation in the Main Track on “20 years of open source building XWiki and CryptPad”. Additionally, we wrapped up the event with our very first meetup, an informal gathering were we provided the perfect context for our international community to meet and exchange ideas. 

You can watch the replay of all the talks we held and hosted in our devroom, and go through the slides of the presentations in our overview article from this year's FOSDEM.

💡 European Digital Sovereignty and Free and Open-Source Software

In March, Ludovic, our CEO, was invited at Sciences Po, a high raking, international research university in Paris, to give a talk about Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS). As a result, he prepared an eye-opening presentation explaining why FOSS is of utter importance for individuals, society, and organizations. Additionally, the talk covered potential questions students might have regarding the ways FOSS can benefit everyone when compared to proprietary software and especially when it comes to the monopoly held by the Tech Giants.
If you wish to learn more on the topic, you can consult Ludovic's presentation slides.
If it's spring, then it's time to meet with young and inquisitive minds and invite them to apply for internships within our company. And this year's edition of Stagii pe bune was in full swing: hundreds of students were present and many of them visited our booth, being curious about open-source products, such as XWiki and CryptPad.
We were happy to educate them on these topics and to find out that many of them had already applied to our internships long before attending the event. Our presentation was well received, and we were glad to answer many questions at the end.


​🔭 Digital Workplace

Our team has attended another successful edition of this event and interacted with open-source enthusiasts and discussed digitally sovereign solutions for intranets. Jean-Sébastien, Ludovic, Clément, and Cédric represented XWiki and CryptPad at our booth and offered insightful details on privacy-oriented collaborative solutions. They also had the honor to discuss the integration of AI into the digital workplace and the future of digital workplaces, collaboration, and intranets as part of 2 roundtables. 

digital workplace xwiki team (1) (1).webp
From left to right: Clément, Ludovic, Cédric and Jean-Sébastien

🎤 AlpOSS

The last event of this quarter was AlpOSS, which stands for “Alpes Open-Source Software” and gathered under the same roof key open-source software providers and open-source users and adopters. A particular and even challenging feature of this conference was that each presentation had to fit a very tight time slot of only 15 minutes! Challenge accepted!

Our colleague, Raphaël and Mathieu, did a great job representing XWiki and Raphaël gave a presentation on openDesk, the European open-source integrated platform, and the advantages it has in front of proprietary software solutions such as Google Workplace and Office 365. All in 15 minutes, despite the complexity of the subject! In case we sparked your curiosity, we invite you to watch the replay of his presentation.

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