Top 10 Features Not To Miss In The XWiki Open Source 2.x Cycle

04 Apr 2011 5 min read

The XWiki Enterprise 2.x cycle has introduced an amazing array of new features. Today we want to outline ten of the top features the XWiki community has developed during this cycle.

Colibri Skin

XWiki 2.0 introduced a new, lightweight, easily customizable skin.


Color Theme Editor

The new editor allows fast and easy modifications of the look and feel of the wiki.


New Profile UI

The user information is better displayed. The user settings and the watchlist can be easily managed. You can also stay up to date with a user's activity straight from the profile.


New Search Interface

The default search page UI has been improved.



The annotations feature allows users to annotate text in an XWiki document. 


Activity Stream

The "Recent Changes" section from the Dashboard has been renamed to "Recent Activity". The feature comes with a new UI and supports more events, including annotations and comments.


Invitation Manager Application

The Invitation Manager application allows users to send emails, inviting friends and colleagues to join a wiki.


Template Based Page Creation

Users and applications can now provide documents that can be used as templates when creating new pages. 


Office Preview

XWiki supports viewing attached office documents. All you have to do is click on the eye icon corresponding to the attachment you want to preview.


Share Page by Email

XWiki Enterprise 2.6 introduced the possibility for users to share pages by email.


For more information on the above features make sure you visit the dedicated page on To download XWiki Open Source visit this page.

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